List of diet plans

Aug 24th '13 18:55 PM

Is a very new diet and is great for those wanting to see fast results. I myself have treid the conventional SW and WW but I am too impatient plus hate having to cal count!

I am now a Consultant and Mentor for Actidiet after following the plan myself for 5 weeks and loosing over a stone.
Its easy to follow and all meals are provided.
But the best thing of all I have kept the weight OFF

Tracy x
Aug 25th '13 16:38 PM
I have something you can try, take a look at the link in my signature at a fruit called Garcinia Cambogia which can help you lose weight. It's not really a 'diet' but you add it into your diet and it helps to keep metabolism high and to lose fat. It's 100% natural too as it's a fruit.
Jun 7th '16 13:55 PM
Detox diet and crash diet plans are also very helpful. You should go through it once.