Woot 😄

Aug 25th '15 07:40 AM
Weekly weigh in this morning. .... 6.3lbs off since last week!!!
Huge boost to my efforts so it is. Feeling fab and looking forward to next week now. Hopefully won't be too long in getting my first stone 🙌🙌🙌
Aug 25th '15 11:14 AM
Wow great weight loss, well done!
Aug 25th '15 11:30 AM
Thanks, just need to keep it up lol! Hoping to drop to 95kg from 114kg by Christmas... I know it;s a big ask but I also know I can do it
Aug 25th '15 12:08 PM
Fantastic well done!!

I've added you to the Christmas challenge list - you can totally do this!
Aug 25th '15 20:05 PM
Aw, thank you PurpleJ!
In my head I'm now hearing the Rocky montage music
Aug 28th '15 07:16 AM
Friday is my official weigh day so o can have my cheat meal on a Saturday night so when I weighed myself today I'm down another pound and a half. . I've officially lost a half stone 😊
Aug 28th '15 09:54 AM
Wow! Purplekik that's absolutely fantastic!! Have you got any tips? I wouldn't mind a loss like that... Hehe

Well done you
Aug 28th '15 10:03 AM
Thanks just_Lindsay_15. To be honest I've just been using My Fitness Pal and counting my calories. I've also discovered that Tesco where I live have started selling raw peleo bars which are good for an afternoon snack. They fill me up and I don't seem to crave as much rubbish after dinner! I think after a couple of weeks your body settles down too.

That's not to say I'm not about to Wolf down tomorrow nights Chinese food 😂
Aug 29th '15 15:15 PM
Haha.... How can you say no to Chinese food? It's impossible!

Are those the small raw bars? I think ones choc and orange but haven't really looked properly, just keep noticing them next to the tills.
Aug 29th '15 15:26 PM
Oh that's the naked bars. They're lovely. They've got quite high super content but it's natural sugars from fruit and not refined suger. I like them for a midday snack if I'm flagging 😊