Social Slimmers 2015 Weigh-In Thread

Apr 23rd '15 15:05 PM
Wow ladies GO GO GO! #boom

Quote by Netty:
i have lost 3lbs this last week....still cant bring myself to admit what i weigh right now.

I dont know why I am so heavy i am only a size 12 ? hmph
... everyone portions differently! I know I need the lbs going down to get the size down but the overall goal for me is shape and feeling good and my targets above that are jean sizes (just count the lbs on the way there). x
May 19th '15 15:59 PM
I've maintained this last couple of weeks which as I have had days of enjoying food between good days I am more than happy with plus the witch has just left who was late #grrr

How is everyone else getting on? When is weigh-in days!
May 19th '15 18:34 PM
I only weigh once a month as I'm going by how my clothes fit now.
May 19th '15 20:23 PM
I only get weighed at the gym when we can all be arsed to get me on boditrax. So I literally have no idea what I weigh. And I am good with that my clothes are all too big now though, yay!
May 22nd '15 14:41 PM
You shouldn't be concentrating on weight any way Prinny Neither should I really but a little should be coming off slowly as there is room to ... x
May 26th '15 20:40 PM
Hi everyone! Well done to all the losers I am still going slowly but 2lbs down is better than 2lbs up.

Belle xx
May 27th '15 12:40 PM
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Millie x
May 27th '15 17:02 PM
Well done Belle!

I'm seriously not shifting I''ll carry on though until my next body fat test and I will see and discuss with the trainer if I need to swap anything around!
Jun 9th '15 14:54 PM
I'm slowly going down numbers again with roughly a 2lb drop.

How is everyone else doing?