Dealing with eating and long days

Jan 5th '15 10:45 AM
Hey guys,
On my work days I will be up at 3.50am and although I don't work all day, everything else that fits in means I'm not ending the day untill 8.30pm sometimes as late as 11pm.
Im finding these days very difficult to calorie control the same as my normal 8am-11pm days.
Any advice?
Jan 5th '15 13:17 PM
I just picked up the neatest little snacks at the grocery store yesterday. In the produce section there are snack packs of baby carrots and a little cup of ranch dressing. The calories are nominal and it sure does satisfy my need to crunch. Maybe these would help you.
Jan 5th '15 14:00 PM
I really dont like raw veggies so it doesnt much
Jan 23rd '15 13:23 PM
Hi Arcanegirl,
I have similar issues. If I plan out and prepare food, I can stick with my diet, no problems. But often the practical issues of when to eat and what I options I have available during my working day cause me to go off plan.
I was told never let 4 hours go by without eating something. Usually after 3 hours I am hungry. My diet aim is 5/6 small meals or snacks totaling around 1500 cals. On a good day I end up preparing flasks of soup, diet shakes, fruit, topped crisp breads etc.. On a bad day I wait until normal meal times pop to a shop and often overeat. Or end up going home hungry and getting a takeaway or having a huge meal to try to meet my days needs. Also when I am tired my body craves fats and sugars for energy when all I really need is a 10 min power nap somewhere.
Jan 23rd '15 17:18 PM
You need sleep what keeps you up until so late if you have a 3.50 am start. 5 hours sleep is crazy hun ... x
Jan 26th '15 15:58 PM
If you don't like raw veggies, eat raw fruits and nuts;-) use some low-caloried snacks (some sugar free cookies, shakes, yogurts etc).