Worried because I had to quit my gym

Jan 4th '15 18:20 PM
I've been a member of a gym for a couple years now and I used it mainly for the indoor pool. That is really the only way I can get in any good exercise because of my back problems.

I had to quit at the end of December because they raised their rates for 2015. I was already cutting deep into my budget to pay each month and the increased price was just too much.

I'm worried now because swimming really helped me. I've been trying to come up with something to take it's place.
Jan 5th '15 13:20 PM
Do you have a YMCA in the area? I know their rates are reasonable and I think they all have a pool. It wouldn't hurt to check them out.
Jan 5th '15 20:43 PM
I agree, the YMCA is a great place to go and workout. Their rates are really reasonable, especially if you get their family plan. I'm not sure if all of them are like this but at my local YMCA they offer financial assistance for people who qualify. It is definitely worth looking into.