Buying diet pills online

Jun 27th '13 12:59 PM
A bit of a coincidence because I was thinking about this earlier today...

Was just listening to the news and there was a report about counterfeit slimming pills:

Not sure what pills they were but must admit I've tried a few (from recommended sites). Has anyone else tried? Do you reckon they work or are they just a placebo?
Jun 27th '13 15:27 PM
I've head so many of these cases in our shop...the thing with buying them online is that they could be from anywhere, and a lot of them (sounds like what that girl in the report had) have ephedra in, which is amphetamines basically, and is obv a banned substance in the UK. Some of our customers ordered them and have either passed out, or had awful side effects from them.
Then you get the scammers that get people to sign up for.a "free trial" of something like the raspberry ketone and colon cleanse combo, that u can send back within 30days if you're not happy with them (all the while getting you to input your bank details) so people are trying to send them back but the company is unreachable, next thing you know £180 goes out of your account and the only option you then have is to close your account. We've had about 10 people in the last 6-8 weeks who've had that happen to them come into the shop, it's awful how scammers can get away with it.
You really have to be so careful buying them online, always read the small print and ALL of.the reviews because they tend to hide that bad ones!

As to whether they work or not, i've tried almost all of the ones in my shop and the only ones that work for me are green tea, T9s(our thermogenic fatburners) apple cider vinegar and colon cleanse. But it defo depends on what work u put in too.

hope that made sense lol!
Jun 27th '13 23:24 PM
Ephedra, is that like ephedrine?

T9's? I've seen those raspberry ketone thingys (that's what it is isn't it?), but have no idea what they are or how they work?
Jun 28th '13 00:12 AM
I did a few years ago and they were an appetite suppressant but it felt like you were on speed So no thankies to that

Nothing beats hard work and perserverance

In saying that, green tea capsules and herbal things can't hurt x
Jun 30th '13 11:56 AM
I've never dared try diet pills really. I know of some people who have though and heard some good and some horrific stories. You never can tell with buying online, that's the problem.
Jun 30th '13 11:57 AM
Although saying that, I did used to use my anti depressants as diet pills, mainly cos they made me feel like a zombie and I would forget about eating and not be hungry. Wouldn't have bought online though.