My pledge for this week

Jul 2nd '14 20:07 PM
Life just gets in the road sometimes enjoy x
Jul 12th '14 19:10 PM
its really not fun to be on the side line while injured !

got to go back to my pledge next week !!! in the mean time i am trying to slowing ease back to exercice with what my ankle can tolerate ...avoiding running but trying some cross trainer/eliptical as i read its the best when dealing with a sprain.
My ankle does not hurt but it is still swollen i dont get it ...since the injury in May !!! did the half on june 22 nd but since then NADA !!! you will think i would not be swollen anymore . !!!
anyway today i decided to do some cross trainer as the doctor said exercice ok as long as it does hurt . So 45 minutes i clocked in. So far it does not hurt and i should see if it will get even more swollen tonight after this workout.