Head not on it

Jun 25th '13 21:38 PM
Well I had a weekend in Northern Ireland came back quite happy with what I gained but I just don't have my head on the whole diet and gym thing right now! Maybe its because a lot is going on this week .... I've not been naughty but no gym, water, green tea and I've skipped breakfast + lunch for 2 days.

Blergh need to get back on Monday, I'm too close!
Jun 25th '13 22:10 PM
It's hard to get back on after a bit of time off
Jun 25th '13 23:16 PM
Oh hun don't do what I did and go way off you have done so well xxx
Jun 26th '13 08:39 AM
Ah I won't go off it need and want that size 12 still

Oh I had a cake Monday but well I was still within my daily calories so that's ok
Jun 26th '13 08:53 AM

Jun 26th '13 09:31 AM
I'm really struggling too gained 1lb over the weekend and can't shift it cos I keep seeing snacky things and being like "well 1wont hurt" I had such a good week last week and thought that was me back on track! Think I might just eat fruit today!
Jun 26th '13 11:26 AM
i am having a hard time too ! but i am giving until July first to get back on it ! lol
Jun 27th '13 18:21 PM
She said all that but still went on to lose - pass her 3st loss - and get to her lowest weight in years!!
Youre doing fab wobbs!! x
Jun 27th '13 19:48 PM
*blush* thanks hun xx
Jun 30th '13 12:02 PM
Definitely hard to get back on track when you've had some naughty days but worth it. Just try it one thing at a time. So you normally have green tea and water to drink through the day? So start with that. First day make sure you drink your liquids. Second day drink your liquids and include your breakfast. Third day add your lunch. Fourth day you will be back on track You've done it before so you can do it again.