Filling but healthy foods

May 3rd '14 14:21 PM
Can we start a list of food that makes you feel full and they have to be healthy. When I diet I always feel hungry. This is the main reason for me going back to eating anything I want. Let's share ideas.
May 3rd '14 16:44 PM
Here are a few of the things that usually fill me up without having to eat too much of it and they keep me satisfied for a few hours.

Vegetable omelets
Baked chicken breasts
Chili with ground turkey
Beans (mixed in with anything are a good filler)
May 5th '14 12:22 PM
I second oatmeal. Nothing will stick to your guts quite like it. Beans are another great option. I count hummus in that category. I've found that a single sweet potato can keep me full for hours. Might not work if you're on a low carb diet, but if you're trying to cut out proteins, it can do in a pinch.
May 5th '14 15:11 PM
Definitely oatmeal! Other foods that I find filling are kidney beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, nuts, eggs and chicken.
May 6th '14 20:17 PM
I've recently starting having oatmeal for breakfast before a mid morning run and it's really satisfied me and kept me going with feeling too heavy or not enough.

I made overnight breakfast with oats, natural yoghurt, honey and fresh fruit ... I plan to add almonds!