Is too much protein possible?

May 2nd '14 16:03 PM
I was reading a magazine yesterday at my doctor's office (all is good, just a checkup) that having too much protein is just as bad as not having enough when it comes to dieting. Is there any truth to this?
May 2nd '14 16:47 PM
It all depends on other health problems. People with kidney or liver disease have to limit the amount of protein in their diets because they cannot process it. Too much protein after time can put a strain on the kidneys. We need carbs for energy. People on very low carb diets lose weight because there aren't enough carbs being burned for energy so the body has to start burning fat. High protein diets are linked to a loss of calcium because we need the calcium to burn the fat so we need to make sure we get enough of that too.

If a person's protein levels in their blood are too low that causes a lot of problems too. The muscles get really weak and the body starts to retain fluids. We also need plenty of protein for the body to be able to rebuild itself.
May 2nd '14 18:26 PM
Yea it's possible to have too much, but like twyla said I think it does really depend on other medical conditions. I did read somewhere once that more people are treated for consuming too much protein each year than not having enough.
May 2nd '14 18:34 PM
If a person is healthy, then I don't think there can be an issue with too much protein. Like Twyla said, it's important to take into considerations possible health conditions, but otherwise, too much protein isn't usually the issue. Not enough is more of a problem...
May 3rd '14 14:16 PM
I know when my dad had a bad allergy to a new medicine (kidneys shut down), they kept testing his urine. He was told he had too much protein in his urine. They did not limit his intake of protein though. They did limit sodium and sugar. He is back to normal now.

I didn't know that a person could eat too much protein.
May 4th '14 17:55 PM
Absolutely this is possible. My dad has one kidney and he will tell you firsthand that his doctor sees plenty of people who are blowing their kidneys out by eating too much protein. It's really about portion size here in the states. Our portions are just too darn big!