Social Slimmers 2014 Weigh-In Thread

May 1st '14 19:50 PM
Nice going Marie x
May 7th '14 09:01 AM
I weighed in at 9st 10.2 today so a loss of over 4lbs on my first week back on ww
May 7th '14 10:17 AM
That's amazing well done

My WI for this week is 9st1, bloody leg really hoping to be back under 9st by the time the week's out!
May 7th '14 14:30 PM
Very well done Mamafry! Fantastic loss xxx

I am sure you will do it P.P Best of luck xxx

Had my weigh in today - another 3lbs off, so 2 stone so far Have a great week everyone xxx
May 7th '14 18:54 PM
That's amazing Marie, well done!
May 8th '14 12:54 PM
Well done Marie!

I put 2 lbs on this week, oops!

May 10th '14 16:30 PM
Sooooo after being stuck for a good 5/6 weeks, then gaining 2lb taking me to 16.3 3weeks ago, I lost a whole 4lbs this week!! So I am FINALLY in the 15st bracket and very happy.

So that's 3st 1lb down, 7points in BMI, and 3.2% body fat since the end of Feb. Will check the full total body fat loss when I get home

Well done everyone!
May 10th '14 16:37 PM
^ That's fab! Well done!
May 11th '14 11:05 AM
I lost 2.4 lbs this week, so I've lost just over what I gained last week
May 13th '14 15:57 PM
You're are going FAB Bev

I've just lost my gain and bloat to now Once my run is out the way I am aiming for a total of 10 stone on the scales slowly as and when while I exercise... just a target to aim for by the time the kids stop for summer on the 22nd July