Feb 16th '14 04:30 AM
Sticking to a diet, I sometimes find it difficult to have much variety when I am making meals. Is having a variety hard for you or is it just me?
Feb 16th '14 17:07 PM
I understand what you are saying. I do have this problem too. I let my kids help me pick them meals. We don't skip food because it is unhealthy. We just find a healthier way to make it. You could try that.
Feb 16th '14 18:31 PM
I get this too. I find that once I have got a low calorie meal that I like, I will tend to eat it over and over and then it gets a bit boring!

Sometimes I will tend to experiment with different veg

Feb 16th '14 20:15 PM
Yes, I find it's a trap that a lot of us fall into. Same 7 meals, week in, and week out! It's up to us to keep things interesting. You know, spice it up a little. Internet is right at your fingertips, all you gotta do is Google.
Feb 17th '14 01:02 AM
Think that's part of my problem lately... Bored of the same foods/meals!
Feb 17th '14 03:52 AM
I usually call for recipes on Facebook when I get bored of eating the same things over and over. I tend to get a slew of recipes to work with and tweak into healthier meals.