5 reasons new diets fail (and how to avoid them)

Jan 19th '14 17:26 PM
This article was posted on CNN Health this past Friday. I meant to post it then, but forgot.

These are the top 5 reasons:
Confusion over which approach is best
Not losing weight fast enough
Lack of support
Slipping up on difficult days

Each topic goes into a little detail. It's worth reading. The article's author has a Master's degree in nutrition and has a book out that I'd like to read.
Jan 19th '14 19:33 PM
I'll take a read of this tomorrow
Jan 20th '14 16:17 PM
They mentioned support as being one of the top reasons which I completely agree with. The article also talked about how common it is for people to complain that their friends or loved ones are sabotaging their diets. It drives me crazy when people do that and it happens all the time!
Jan 20th '14 17:29 PM
Oh, you ain't kidding TwylaDee! If you are on a diet, and you go to a Christmas party or something, forget it! You better just run out of there as fast as you can! Peer pressure is alive and well!
Jan 20th '14 18:14 PM
I get discouraged by not losing weight fast enough and then I end up cheating because it doesn't feel like I am getting anywhere. I end up sabotaging myself!
Jan 21st '14 15:47 PM
Anytime I head out for a party I always bring my own munchies to snack on, it is at least one way I know I will not be raiding a food bowl. There is nothing worse than walking into a party and seeing all of the foods you are trying to avoid.
Jan 21st '14 21:15 PM
Great article and I can totally relate to every excuse! We all need support. I get discouraged when I don't see results. I mean I am eating less and working out more but I see nothing. This time around I am not going to let this one bother me.
Jan 22nd '14 00:58 AM
good article ..i will have add also sometimes the week before getting you AF so hormones changes will be a factor of given up too !
Jan 22nd '14 20:26 PM
Great article! I think my main one is usually giving up after a difficult day, it's sometimes hard to motivate myself to get straight back up and start again.