Told to stop

Jan 8th '14 15:52 PM
What will motivate you now? How about a 10k race? I think (hope) that by the time we've done it we'll have got the running bug and got into the habit of doing it, so will keep going!
Jan 8th '14 16:57 PM
We can't do much about the genetic shape of our faces but I do know exactly what you mean. It seems like one of the first places that shows weight changes on me is my face.

You know when it's time to stop and if you feel like it's time, then it's time. That just means you can add some calories to your diet and work on sculpting the areas that you still feel need work.

You do look fantastic and should be proud of how far you have come!
Jan 8th '14 18:14 PM
Of course, I think most of us have been told to stop. It's just a version of shock to the process, that's all. People will get used to your new weight once they see how good you look! Keep going, but stay healthy, and don't starve yourself.
Jan 8th '14 21:30 PM
Yes PP I need to start, you're shaming me lol

I've been looking at my face and some pictures over new year and at certain angles I can see it just getting on with January and I will stop then, I'd like to see 10st 7lbs maybe so just a couple of lbs to go rounded to exactly 10 half stone at the end... fussy I want an even number before I say "that's it"?
Jan 16th '14 11:38 AM
I'm still at the stage where people are telling me to carry on can't imagine getting to where they tell me to stop!!

Seriously tho, I'm sure I read that it takes a while for your face to adjust to the weight loss, so where it may seem "hollow" to you now (personally I think you look fab!) it may just round out over time as you adjust?

I'll see if I can find what I read otherwise it sounds a bit mad
Jan 16th '14 14:29 PM
wow Wobbles you look great!
I remember when you first started and you've come a long way.
I suppose it must be difficult to stop and start maintaining, but do what _you_ feel and not what other people say. x
Jan 16th '14 21:49 PM
Sadly the face thing is true and it's thanks to my lovely fathers genes! I once purposely put on weight for the same reason lol

To be fair I'm happy the way I am now so I've stopped and hope to ignore the scales and concentrate on the inches I do badly need toned!

Thanks ladies x