Dec 29th '13 17:26 PM
A friend of mine has to go gluten-free for health reasons. Are any of you gluten-free? Do you have any good tips for her? Did you lose weight once you went gluten-free?
Jan 1st '14 18:00 PM
Sorry I can't help hun...hopefully someone else can xx
Jan 1st '14 18:13 PM
Do you live in UK? Sainsburys have a 'Free From' range that has lots of gluten/wheat free products. I would imagine that if you go gluten free that it would be easier to lose weight. Gluten is in a lot of high carbohydrate foods so having to cut it out leaves you with healthier alternatives.
Jan 1st '14 19:28 PM
No, I'm from the U.S. Hopefully she can find a similar product line though. She's struggled with her weight for her entire life, so if this new diet has a weight loss side effect, she'll be thrilled.