Seafood ideas

Dec 9th '13 07:11 AM
I really like seafood and I would eat it all the time if it was not getting so expensive. Some of it is unhealthy with all the mercury levels they say it contains so that is another concern.

One of my favorites is shrimp. It's low fat and low calorie and cooks really fast. It's good in salads, stir fry, or even just chilled with cocktail sauce.

I'd like us to share seafood ideas that don't cost too much to make. Tuna and salmon burgers are a couple things I make regularly and I like those hot or cold.
Dec 9th '13 09:18 AM
I love tuna, salmon, crab and prawns. Also I tried mussels for the first time last year and loved them!
Dec 9th '13 17:58 PM
I have no suggestions I don't eat seafood at all!
Dec 9th '13 19:05 PM
Seafood is always expensive, I miss living close to the Chesapeake. I remember my uncle would head down and catch fresh crab and we would steam them up for the family get together.
Dec 9th '13 22:21 PM
Seafood isn't always expensive; I disagree with avidian. You can find frozen tilapia on sale at Kroger a lot, and there are a ton of things you can do with it. The fillets are thin so they defrost and cook quickly. You can grill it, pan-fry it, bake it, etc.
Dec 9th '13 23:34 PM
Tilapia, especially farm-raised, is actually not very healthy. It causes problems for people with autoimmune disease. Check that out sometime in a search. You'll be surprised. You'd also be shocked to learn some of the disgusting conditions that are found for farmed fish.

I try to be careful about where the fish I purchase are coming from.
Dec 10th '13 14:22 PM
I live right by the ocean and still can't find cheap fish (beyond the frozen stuff at the store). Either I'm not looking in the right places or fresh local fish is just more expensive than I can afford on a regular basis.
Dec 10th '13 16:54 PM
I can understand why some of it is so expensive. Fisherman have to be able to make a living and the oceans are being wiped out, but even catfish is expensive now and that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Have you tried the imitation crab? I think it's really made from haddock. It's pretty good made into a crab salad.
Dec 10th '13 17:09 PM
Forgot to add but I love sardines in tomato sauce! Yum!