Lose no more?

Nov 14th '13 10:23 AM
So I'm 9st 12...just within normal bmi. I weigh the same as my daughters. My eldest said yesterday. I think you should stop now :/ she's very honest and I trust her opinion. She has said I look good but losing more I could look too skinny. I'm not veering from atkins until xmas as if I take the pedal off now I'll overeat and lose my way until January.

To be honest I think I could easily drop another half stone but do you think age affects how much we should weigh?
Nov 14th '13 11:31 AM
Seriously, you've done amazing. You and a few on here (including Charls) have done so well, I'm feeling a bit crap about only losing a little

Charls was saying the other day about not over doing it too. I guess if you know you're going to put some on over xmas then it's ok to go a lil further
Nov 14th '13 11:43 AM
I'd be tempted to see what happens til Xmas, eat what you fancy then and see how you feel! It's not uncommon for people to get to their goal and then decide it's too low and put a bit back on! You've done so, so well though hun!

I think it all depends on your frame too, everyone carries their weight differently, so the same weight looks totally different!
Nov 14th '13 13:33 PM
I think age does matter. As we age and lose weight at times we look older than we actually are. I also think that some people lose too much as they age and they look sickly. Congrats on your success!
Nov 14th '13 16:18 PM
What a good feeling it must be to have someone tell you that you can stop now! I sure do long to hear those words!

I agree. It wouldn't hurt to keep in the frame of mind you're in now with the holidays coming up and all the temptation looming. It's easy to get off track and the weight comes back way too easily.
Nov 14th '13 19:08 PM
I would stay on track but maybe introduce a few more calories. That way you are in the mind frame for after Christmas. Well done on your weight loss!
Nov 15th '13 09:44 AM
Thank you all

Feeling good...scales have dipped into 9st 11's but have upped my carbs and now have wholemeal bread again. I'll be happy to more or less maintain until xmas xxx
Nov 15th '13 12:16 PM
That sounds like a sensible plan
Nov 15th '13 16:49 PM
This is where I have always had a problem in the past. I have lost weight and then when it came to maintaining, I failed, and the weight crept back up. Each time that happened I ended up weighing more than I did that last time!

My goal this time is to keep it off once it is gone. It's tricky!
Nov 20th '13 17:28 PM
I'm at happy but that half a stone wanted too... for me it's some lbs to play with