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Some quick questions about weight loss.

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Aug 15th '17, 02:21 AM  
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Some quick questions about weight loss.

So could anyone give me a good base number to utilize for weight loss. I was told for me a calorie limit would be 1920 to 2120 best but not sure if that is accurate. Any advice tips hints etc is appreciated btw I'm new to this forum

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Aug 15th '17, 10:45 AM  
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Calorie intake depends on your size already. I follow slimming world but when I was calorie counting I was recommended about 1500 calories but I was over 300 lb and that was aiming to lose 2lb a week. Also depends on gender, fitness, lifestyle, if you go on something like Myfitnesspal it will help you there.
Aug 16th '17, 20:35 PM  
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There are many online calculators to calculate this. These calculators will take your age, weight, height and gender into account, as well as your daily activity level and goal(s). Literally googling 'calorie calculator' will give you more of an insight as to how many you need per day.

If you want to lose weight, find the number of calories you need per day to maintain your weight and then subtract that by anywhere between 250-500 calories.

Hope that helps.
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