Using My Plate

Feb 3rd '14 22:27 PM
Since I have not tracked calories in years and I have started the new "Stronger" videos I figure it to be wise to try and count the calories again. I am using the thing that comes with the setup I did using the LiveStrong website, it is called My Plate. Has anyone else tested this out, the area to find calories on the foods you eat seems to work pretty good so far.
Feb 6th '14 22:58 PM
It says I should consume 2245 calories a day to maintain, just seems a little much to me and I definitely don't consume that a day...

This is quite interesting, I signed up on desktop version, I like the diary plus calculator for exercise etc. I'm currently downloading the app to check it out tomorrow Thanks!
Feb 7th '14 00:02 AM
I think the only time I have eaten that amount of calories is if we hit Sonic for a break and for me it is always those darn tater tot's and the slush drinks. To be fair, the drink is amazing so we try to not visit that place too often. Today I did the workout called "Refuel" and while they say it is a light video do not be fooled - it is 40+ minutes long.
Feb 7th '14 03:07 AM
I have never used it before, but it might be a good thing to use. I just plan my meals in advance and figure out how many calories are in each meal and write it all down.
Feb 7th '14 16:09 PM
The only thing I have noticed so far (and reported) is that for me syncing between my Windows phone and the web browser does not work. Last night I noticed that the web browser was on track (where I added most of the days meals), then when I went to add dinner from my phone it said I had not done anything all day (add any meals or exercise). Hopefully they can fix it soon.
Feb 7th '14 18:33 PM
I have never heard of it before but just seen that there is an iPhone app for it so I might give it a go
Feb 7th '14 18:38 PM
I know I should definitely try this one out! I really like the LiveStrong website because they have tons of free information and tools like this. I'm gonna try it out and see how much it says I need to consume each day.
Feb 8th '14 01:33 AM
This is the first time I have heard of this. I will give it a try. I was looking for a way to track my calories. I haven't had good luck with any other apps/websites.