SW's fake haribos 3 Syns for all of them

Jun 5th '15 11:36 AM
2 sachets sugar free jelly crystals
2 sachets powdered gelatine
1 pot mullerlight yoghurt

To half a pint of boiling water add both jelly and gelatine sachets and stir well.
Pour 2/3rds of jelly into a flat-ish container.
Put in fridge to set.
Whisk the mullerlight into the rest of the jelly.
Once bottom layer set then pour on jelly/muller mix and put back into the fridge to set.
Once set cut into bite size pieces.

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Jun 5th '15 15:21 PM
Ooh yummy!
Jun 5th '15 17:49 PM
I bought a mould to buy these and never did them!