WW Shakes and Bars

Sep 19th '13 03:56 AM
Does Weight Watchers have their own line of diet shakes and protein bars? I have bought the frozen meals and desserts but don't remember seeing the shakes and bars. If so, do you have a favorite?
Sep 20th '13 20:25 PM
Only bars I've seen are the snack bars in meetings, chocolate ones. I've been doing WW on & off for years and never seen any shakes etc
Nov 14th '13 19:51 PM
I've never seen any shakes but I have seen bars. I think they are dessert bars though. You could probably Google it and you could get a list of what products they have. My local stores do not sell many Weight Watchers products.
Nov 14th '13 20:44 PM
I have seen bars, etc. at the meeting places. I tend to think that they are extremely overpriced, and that there are much healthier foods out there (less processed, etc.)
Nov 18th '13 17:09 PM
I seen this recipe in Mens Health for protein bars:

Protein Bar Recipe
50g rice krispies
1tbsp honey
1tbsp natural peanut butter
1 scoop whey protein or protein blend (vanilla or chocolate)
1tbsp cocoa powder
Dried fruit to taste

Mix the ingredients and place in fridge until set.

I haven't tried yet but do intend on making some