Prize Winner

Jan 10th '14 19:15 PM
Weight Watchers just chose their 50 Years of Success grand prize winner. She lost 222 pounds on Weight Watchers going from 381 down to 159 pounds.

I read about it on the Weight Watchers Facebook page this morning. A link to her story and before and after photos is right here. Reading her story really inspired me! She describes what motivated her to get started and some of the things she did to keep on track.
Jan 10th '14 20:37 PM
Wow, she's done absolutely amazingly! I can't imagine how it feels to have lost that much weight!
Jan 11th '14 16:54 PM
I know, right? It's like she lost two other people that she's been carrying around. When I read stories and see people that have overcome as much as this lady has, it really makes my goals seem much more possible to me.
Jan 11th '14 18:46 PM
See, I love reading stories like this because it really does help all of us in our journey to lose weight, and keep it off. There are tons of success stories like this and we should constantly read them to keep ourselves motivated. Great post!
Jan 12th '14 08:30 AM
Wow she has done so amazingly well! She totally deserves that prize
Jan 13th '14 17:24 PM
wow ! good for her
Jan 21st '14 15:55 PM
Wow amazing good on her!