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It's friday!

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' Forum started by PrincessPikachu, Oct 4th, 2013 at 11:45 AM.
Oct 4th, 2013, 11:45 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2013
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It's friday!!

What's everyone up to? We might be going to a fun night at school tonight, still undecided! OHs working away this weekend, which I really wish he wasn't doing! Think the girls might be seeing their dad, which will be down to me to supervise! So not a lot going on here!
Oct 4th, 2013, 14:12 PM  
Join Date: May 2013
Posts: 945

I have the house totally to myself

Sooo many possibility of what to do No plans yet but might do some decorating... might just sleep until Sunday
Oct 4th, 2013, 14:12 PM  
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: EC
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We have a weekly dinner night that we call "Taco Night" and that is today. I still have a ton of work to wrap up, hit the dentist office and clean the house before people show up this evening.
Oct 4th, 2013, 15:57 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2013
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We may go see a movie tonight, but I'm not sure if I feel like doing that yet. Friday isn't usually the best time to go since it's crowded.

Maybe we'll order in a pizza and just hang out and wait until tomorrow to go do something during the day.
Oct 4th, 2013, 16:35 PM  
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We'll be doing same as always... Bugger all

MIL & FIL are coming round in the morning for bacon sarni's then OH's sister & her boyfriend are coming round tomorrow evening to enjoy a takeaway and a few drinks! Sunday OH was on about going to the pub so I'll probably have a walk to the park with my DD then come home and cook a nice beef roast dinner
Oct 4th, 2013, 20:48 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2013
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I'm staying in tonight, and probably the whole weekend. I'll be on my couch watching tv online, and cooking (if I have to). I'm feeling quite tired so I'll call this my weekend off.
Oct 5th, 2013, 08:52 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2013
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Mmm roast dinner! The girls are at their dads overnight tonight now so I'm all on my lonesome! Very tempted to just go to bed when they leave! I'm absolutely shattered ATM! But I've got lots that needs doing, might just write a list of all the tasks I need to do and sit and look at it
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