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Smokey eye make up?!

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' Forum started by PrincessPikachu, Feb 1st, 2014 at 20:54 PM.
Feb 1st, 2014, 20:54 PM  
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Smokey eye make up?!

Can anyone pull it off?! I followed a tutorial thing earlier which was meant to make me look like Kirsten stewart... I actually ended up looking more like a prostitute according to my OH I've tried it before and it had a similar effect. Are there some people it just doesn't suit or is it more likely to just be me being crap at make up?!
Feb 1st, 2014, 23:28 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2013
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I can't wear really dark eye shadow like that either. Maybe you can try for the same look but with little lighter colors. Those really dark grays and blacks can really overpower and look way too gothic. Maybe go for a tan and a medium brown?
Feb 2nd, 2014, 10:01 AM  
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I love the smoky eye look, but it does not love me. I don't have the right eye shape for it--my eyes are too deep-set--so the shadow inevitably gets under my eyes and I look like a raccoon. I do what I think of as smoky eye lite--using eyeliner over the last half of my upper eyelid, and smudging it out with a brush. That way, it can't travel all over my face.

I agree with Jeans. Try lighter colors. I've found that mixing shimmery white, gold, and brown makes for a very pretty smoky eye.
Feb 2nd, 2014, 12:20 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2013
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Yea I usually use browny colours, well, day to day I just use eyeliner and mascara normally, but if I'm making an effort it's browns! I've always loved the smokey look though it just seems to take over my whole face!
Feb 3rd, 2014, 11:12 AM  
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I use a dark eye shadow but can't really do the whole smoky eye effect. I wish I could as it looks great!
Feb 3rd, 2014, 16:01 PM  
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I'm awful at makeup, it's always simple. I keep wanting to book in at a salon who show you how to apply makeup nicely and show you different styles etc!
Feb 3rd, 2014, 18:26 PM  
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You can get makeovers at the department store cosmetic counters but then you're at their mercy when they try to sell you everything under the sun.

I don't wear nearly as much makeup as I used to a few year ago. Most days I'm lucky if I dab on a little foundation and run the mascara wand over my lashes. When I go out, I make more of an effort.
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