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Aunt Bessie’s vegetable chips

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Jan 1st '18, 20:20 PM  
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Aunt Bessie’s vegetable chips

Can anyone tell me how many syns there are I’m aunt Bessie’s vegetable chips please?
Jan 2nd '18, 13:56 PM  
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I'm reading they are 3.5 syns per 100g ... Tescos ready to roast root vegetable chips I believe are free. The difference is the ingredients. The frozen chips have extra ingredients to keep ... flour, sunflower oil, etc where as the Tesco fresh option you have the control on what you use to cook them (and what oil).

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Jan 6th '18, 00:45 AM  
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Wobbles is right with the Tesco root veg being syn free, and the Aunt Bessies at 3.5 syns per 100g
In relation to syn values it’s always better to choose the fresh veg, and if there is any oil, it’s usually less than the frozen varieties.

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Jan 25th '18, 15:32 PM  
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Thats the problems with some frozen food and even various convenient fresh packs ... yu can't control the extras or what/how much oil is used. Fresh definitely best but sometimes it doesn't fit the budget which is frustrating. x
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