Jul 20th '17 14:31 PM
I'm aware Walkers crisps used to be 8 syns, and french fries were 4, cross fingers that hasn't changed. I'd also like to know how many syns are in Tesco Everyday Value crisps (ready salted, cheese and onions and salt and vinegar) and snacks (onion rings, salt and vinegar sticks, cheese puffs)
Jul 21st '17 20:15 PM
Walkers are 6.5 syns for a 25g bag.
French fries are 4.5 syns for an 18g bag.
Tesco everyday value crisps, 5 syns per 18g bag, all flavours.
Tesco onion ring snacks, 4.5 syns per 17g bag
Cheese puffs, 6 syns per 20g bag
Salt and vinegar sticks, 6.5 syns per 25g

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