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Aldi Snackrite Popcorn multipack 20g bag

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May 16th '17, 13:52 PM  
Socially Shy
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Aldi Snackrite Popcorn multipack 20g bag

Hi all,

I've just joined the site & am looking for some help. I'd brought a BBQ mugshot to work for my lunch (as well as a pot of cherry tomatoes & sugarsnap peas) but really didn't like the mugshot so ended up eating a 20g bag of Aldi Snackrite Popcorn instead. Can anyone tell me how many syns in the bag please?

May 16th '17, 14:30 PM  
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Welcome to social slimmers

I'm not a mugshot fan either, so you aren't on your own!
I can only find syns for the microwave popcorn, not the multipacks.
However, for certain foods (like popcorn) you can count 1 syn per 20 calories if they aren't listed on the official SW site.
If it says 45 calories per 20g, I would count 2.5. Better to over estimate than under

I have tried to google the product to get the nutritional information so I can work out the syns, but I can't find it there either! The 20cals per 1 syn rule works perfectly for crisps, chocolate, sweets and cakes.

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May 16th '17, 14:39 PM  
Socially Shy
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Thanks. Was hoping the syns would be less than they are by allowing 1 syn per 20cals, theres 96 cals in a bag.......no curly wurly for me tonight!
May 17th '17, 09:17 AM  
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Walkers Sunbites popcorn is really good and comes in at 2½ to 3 syns, depending on the flavour.
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