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To much fruit?

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Mar 27th '17, 14:46 PM  
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To much fruit?

Is it possible to have to much fruit? I ask because after a meal I have been having a bowl of mixed berries (strawbs/grapes/rasps/blckberries/black currants etc) with a muller light poured over the top (personal fave the muller light vanilla with choc shavings or the orange with the chocolate shavings)

My mum is adamant that I cannot possibly lose weight and eat this amount of fruit, I am following the food optomising, I have been 4 weeks and lost 9lb but more importantly my insulin levels have already been reduced 50%!!!!!!
(I m type 2 owing to weight!)

Much appreciated

Mar 27th '17, 15:08 PM  
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We had this discussion last week in group. The answer was that generally, yes you can eat too much fruit. Because they have sugars in them, some people do notice that their losses have increased when they've cut down how much fruit they're eating.
However, if it's working for you, keep at it

Oh, and we'll done on your losses! And congratulations on the insulin levels

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Mar 28th '17, 14:42 PM  
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