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Porky Lights Sausages - please read if you've bought/thought about buying them

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Mar 1st '17, 17:07 PM  
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Porky Lights Sausages - please read if you've bought/thought about buying them

This has been posted on another thread by Ali, but I thought I'd create a thread to make sure everyone saw it...
This text has come straight from SW

The Food Co-ordination team at Slimming World Head Office has done some analysis on Porky Lights sausages, after becoming a little concerned about their fatty (albeit delicious!) texture.

The analysis showed that the sausages were indeed much higher in fat than the nutrition panel indicated – and this does affect their Syn value significantly.

We’ve been in touch with Porky Lights to let them know our findings, and they’re looking into it as we speak.

To help protect your weight lossuntil we have accurate nutritional information to use as a base for our calculations, the sausages have been temporarily removed from Syns Online, the App and Weight Loss Planner’s Syns search and on the Syns Hotline. In the meantime, if you have a pack of Porky Lights in your fridge/freezer, we’d recommend you count 4½ Syns per sausage.

We’ll be in touch with more news – through your Consultant – once we have it.

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