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Jan 18th '17, 13:13 PM  
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Wasn't sure where else's to post this ? I've heard a lot about splitting your hex b allowance so if your allowed 2 slices of nimble bread or 2 alpen light bars, can I split that .....and have 1 slice of nimble and 1 alpen light??? Still learning but dont want to get it wrong.
Jan 18th '17, 13:51 PM  
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Some people do split their hex allowances, but I always advise against it. SW give the option listed under the healthy extra choices as they are what gives you the recommended daily fibre and dairy intake.

For the hex b choices, there is a specific list of 'grab & go' options that will ensure you get the full hex b fibre recommendation.
For example, 1 Weetabix and 1 alpen/hifi bar

I haven't got my book with me so I can get the full list (it doesn't show them on the website) but I'll check it when I get home
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