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Syns for branded choc bars please?

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Nov 19th '15, 20:18 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Syns for branded choc bars please?

Hi. I saw a thread called Low Syn Treats which was helpful. I've found all of these and wondered if you had the syns for them? They'd all be full size.

Lion bar
Kitkat 4 finger
Mars bar
Peanut M&Ms
Haribo - the pink n yellow teddy bear ones
Mint TicTacs
Fruit TicTacs
Jaffa cakes

There seem to be a zillion sweets here that are a wafer type - are they likely to be less do you think? Chocolate wafer, strawberry wafer etc. I guess I should meander down the aisles again and compare calories!
Nov 19th '15, 21:08 PM  
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For the chocolate bars, count 1 syn per 20 cals and round up e.g if it says 150 cals, I'd count 7.5 Syns, but if it said 152, I'd count 8 Syns
The haribo are 4.5 Syns per 25g for all varieties
Tic tacs are 12 for 1 syn
Jaffa cakes are 2.5 each
Nov 19th '15, 21:18 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Bulgaria
Posts: 211

Fantastic. Sorry to be a pain - I seem to be asking questions every day. You'll be glad to hear I've started a SW book for all syns and recipes - all in alphabetical order! Can't be doing with bits of paper. Thanks x
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