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Syns for homemade jams, sauces etc?

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Nov 11th '15, 11:03 AM  
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Syns for homemade jams, sauces etc???

Hi . I have a zillion jars of jams, chutneys, jellies, sauces etc that I make every summer to see us through winter. It can be -34 degrees over here - brrr!

How on earth can I work out the syns? They're obviously all made with cooked fruit, veg, sugar......... What would you think would be a reasonable guess on, say, 1 tbsp jam on my toast? I never spread it thickly. Tbsp of chutney on a sandwich? One jar (jam jar size) of plum or BBQ or rhubarb sauce to go into a stir fry for two people?

Probably impossible to answer but they really have to be eaten!!! Just wondered what the general consensus of opinion would be. Thanks
Nov 11th '15, 22:35 PM  
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1 tbsp of sugar is 3 Syns, and 100g of cooked/puréed fruit is anywhere between 1.5 Syns to 3 Syns, depending on the fruit.

A tbsp of your average jam is 2 Syns (for a full sugar one)
Tbsp of average mango chutney is 2 Syns, as is a tbsp of average caramelised onion chutney.
Tomato & vegetable is 1.5 Syns per tbsp

Does that help?
Nov 12th '15, 09:19 AM  
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Join Date: Oct 2015
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sarahc you are wonderful! That's a great help - it certainly gives me a base now to work from because I was clueless before. I try to overestimate my syns but I didn't know where to start. Now I can have my jam on toast!
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