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Do you syn avocado?

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Sep 8th '15, 16:42 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Jul 2015
Posts: 121

Do you syn avocado ?

I'm interested to know other people's thoughts on syning avocado. I've heard some people don't syn it due to the many health benefits of eating it. I love avocado, and I'm vegetarian/vegan, so it's very good for me. If I'm having it I only eat a quarter anyway, so I don't overindulge on it. It would be helpful and interesting to hear other people's opinions. Thanks
Sep 8th '15, 21:20 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 398

I would syn it. I love avocado as well but I guess to stay on plan it would need to be synned. But I think that is the reason syns are there.
Sep 8th '15, 22:04 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 74

Whilst losing weight, it's something I'd syn. But once at target, especially if it's only a quarter (I'm not sure how much is normal to have in one go?), I don't think I would because of it's health benefits. If avocado isn't going to help my weight loss, then I'd syn it
Sep 9th '15, 13:01 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: Manchester
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I agree with Matt. Whilst losing weight, I'd syn anything that wasn't free on the plan, and then maybe once I'd reached target, don't syn it
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