Please help

Aug 7th '15 16:27 PM
Hi guys I'm New to this site but hopefully someone can help.
Today I picked up some birdseye crispy chicken pack of two frozen. And I think I saw they were 8 syns each.
But if I take the batter stuff off will it be less syns.
Thanks guys I need the help as I'm meant to have them tonight
Aug 7th '15 17:30 PM
Hi Beth,

I just got your Facebook message.

They are 7 syns each. Fish is syn free but some of the oil will have already transferred so I reckon you are looking at about 3 syns if you remove the batter
Aug 7th '15 17:32 PM
Thank you so much stircrazy for your quick reply. That's not too bad then.
Aug 7th '15 17:33 PM
Are you removing the batter after cooking? Although I'm not sure if that is even possible lol
Aug 7th '15 23:22 PM
Yh it came off really easy actually. I did try beforehand but it was a no go.