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Second week and only lost 1lb

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May 20th '17, 19:29 PM  
Socially Shy
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Second week and only lost 1lb

Hi all, I had my second weigh in today, last week I stayed the same after being really good Sent my food diary to my teacher and she said it was great this happens to some people next week she would be sure I'll have a double lost. Well went today and I have only lost 1lb. I'm gutted I was really good again this week. I feel like I'm going wrong somewhere or this diet is just not right for me. Had anyone else had this? Thanks Emma
May 20th '17, 20:15 PM  
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Some people lose more slowly than others.
I know you've sent your diary to your consultant, but these are some things I can immediately think of:
How much water are you drinking?
Do you drink a lot of fizzy drinks?
How many syns are you using each day (average)?
Have you been hungry at all throughout the day?
What do you snack on in between meals?

You could always post your diaries here and we can help out if we spot anything we've noticed, especially where we've had the same experience in the past

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May 23rd '17, 18:27 PM  
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Hi. Are you eating too many carbs ? try cutting out pasta potato bread rice, i made that mistake. Good luck anyway
Jan 8th '18, 21:13 PM  
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Hi Emma

Welcome to Social Slimmers

What works for us is always different... Do you have a copy of your food diary 2-7 days before weigh in? The more info the better!
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