1st weigh in

Oct 21st '15 19:04 PM
Hi guys I am new to sw, I have my first weigh in tomorrow so nervous as I have been poorly for the last 6 days! So have been stuck in bed hopefully it hasn't stopped me losing weight. Just a quick question each day should you have both your healthy extras? Some days I only have health extra a? Thanks in advance X
Oct 21st '15 19:22 PM
Hi I'm new to this too! And 6weeks post birth and post comes so I know what you mean about being stuck in bed; only just able to build up my exercise.. You can have both healthy extras, but if you were to only have one then you'll just loose weight maybe a little quicker. But personally both my healthy extras are used up for breakfast each day x
Oct 21st '15 19:32 PM
Thank you I suppose when I'm back at work I would use my them for my breakfast too. Are you going to a meeting or doing it from home? X
Oct 21st '15 21:19 PM
I have 2weetabix which is I think healthy extra b and 250ml milk which is healthy extra a (or vise versa).. I'm just doing it from home, that way it's free plus I don't have time between all 3 kids, the husband and exercising x
Oct 21st '15 22:13 PM
Hi Sam it's recommended that you have both of your healthy extras every day as they continue the daily amount of calcium and fibre you need. Having less of one or not having one at all isn't proven to improve your weight loss. Hope this helps and good luck with the weigh in!