Sunday Weigh In

Aug 23rd '15 19:12 PM
Kazoo Master
I have decided to make my weigh in day a Sunday in the hopes that it will keep me on the straigh and narrow over the weekend where I am more likely to go off track!

So...last Monday I was 13st 12lb and now....I am 13st 7.8lb!!! Awesome! I'm going to round it up because the numbers will consume me and call it 13st 8lb. Still a very nice loss even if I say so myself!

Now to figure out how to make a signature that tracks these things....
Aug 23rd '15 19:19 PM
That is a fantastic loss! Accountability is what has made this work for me.. well done!
Aug 23rd '15 19:23 PM
Kazoo Master
Thank you! I'm hoping that will work for me too!
Aug 23rd '15 19:40 PM
Great loss! Well done!
Aug 23rd '15 19:42 PM
Kazoo Master
Thank you! Everyone is lovely here!
Aug 23rd '15 20:17 PM
Awesome stuff, well done!

Sunday is my weigh in day too Last week I was 16 st 12.5 lb and this week I am 16 st 7.5, very pleased with that!
Aug 23rd '15 20:18 PM
Kazoo Master
Oh wow!! That is wonderful!! Great to see another Sunday slimmer as well!
Aug 23rd '15 22:32 PM
Well done both of you, you've had a great week!
Aug 23rd '15 22:47 PM
Thanks Ali, always a relief to see a loss even after a naughty weekend
Aug 24th '15 10:42 AM
Brilliant!Well done