Sunday Weigh In

Oct 18th '15 09:49 AM
Kazoo Master
1lb off so now 13 stone exactly! Well, it's not as large a loss as I'd like but it's certainly in the right direction!
Oct 18th '15 11:21 AM
Great loss! Well done!
Oct 19th '15 10:15 AM
Good work kazoo master
1.5 lb off for me
Nov 13th '16 12:52 PM
Another Sunday weigh in, day 1!

I am currently 235lbs and aim to get to 195lbs by 4 April. If I make it, then will probably set another target. It's only just over 4 months and I'm going to give it my all!
Jan 16th '17 16:48 PM
Good luck Bathsheba!!
I had my weigh in yesterday and lost 7.2 lb not bad going for the first week back on it
Hubby lost 3/14 lb too definitely a bonus
Jan 17th '17 10:43 AM
Well done! Great losses