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Sep 17th '15, 09:23 AM  
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Quote by annad87 View Post
Hello! I am doing SW at home, I used to go to group for few months few years ago, then rejoined a different group earlier this year but I didn't like it very much so I am now doing it from home with the help of lovely ladies and gents from this forum
Same here x did 6 months at group but I loath paying when I was maintaining or gaining so decided from home was my best way lol xx
Oct 23rd '15, 09:30 AM  
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I'm going it alone at home too. I lost 2 stone a while ago using SW Online, put it all back on and some more after falling back into old habits though Just re-started and am reminding myself of the plan.
Feb 27th '16, 18:54 PM  
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Yes I'm doing it at home too 😀
May 2nd '16, 21:14 PM  
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I've been doing it at home...2 weeks today...start weight 12 stone 10...today 12 stone 4....6lbs in 2 weeks!!!!
May 3rd '16, 06:08 AM  
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Well done Kazza! That's fantastic. I am an at home SW'er too.
May 3rd '16, 17:41 PM  
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That's awesome Kazza!

Welcome to Social Slimmers x
Jun 18th '18, 02:42 AM  
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Hello, I have just joined sw online. I was a group member since 2010, I lost 6st in 14 months and continued to group maintaining until Easter 2017 when I broke my ankle. Omg it all went downhill from there. I still can’t drive a year later. I can’t exersize, I’ve continued eating sw food, but I guess I got down and ate things I shouldn’t. I’ve now put a lot back on so I’ve give my head a wobble and joined online. I weigh in on Friday I was a red/green girl, now I’m trying EE, it never really liked my body when I tried in the past.
Jan 30th '19, 19:03 PM  
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Slimming Word at Home

Quote by bethkai View Post
Hi guys
New to this site. I wondered if anyone on here was at Slimming world but now just does it at home. I used to go to classes but found that my social anxiety was to strong and I couldnt continue. But I am doing it at home. The first week I lost 7 pounds and I'm due to weigh in this Sunday so fingers crossed. X

I gave up SW just a month or so ago,I felt that paying the fee of £4.95 was becoming too much for me.So I now do my SW at home, I have the Food Optimising books and also some recipe books I bought from group. I have lost a pound so far ( at group I stayed the same for weeks on end) and am really enjoying it, getting support from my family and friends which is more than I got at group. Here's to successful weight loss
Jun 2nd '20, 12:33 PM  
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summer diet

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