Too BIG!

Aug 9th '15 13:17 PM
Emaline 30
I've put a picture on my journal thread via PhotoBucket and just entered the URL onto the page which has come out very wide!
What do I do to correct this as all the journal pages are now very wide? Please!
Aug 9th '15 17:20 PM
where it says [ IMG ] in the photobucket code, add [ IMG WIDTH=300 ] (no spaces) - you might need to adjust the number (300 might be too big/small) and that should change the size for you.
Aug 9th '15 19:42 PM
Emaline 30
Thanks Autumnflower.. I've done that and it's just right now.. something new I've learned today!
Aug 10th '15 09:34 AM
Thanks for asking - and answering this I've had the same problem.
Aug 10th '15 14:58 PM
We should have auto resize ... I did ask him to sort it so I will go and kick his backside