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Getting started

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' Forum started by Devon55, Jul 28th, 2019 at 16:10 PM.
Jul 28th, 2019, 16:10 PM  
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Getting started

I really want to follow the SW eating plan but am struggling to get started. I spent several hours the other day intending to put together a meal plan for the week. I was surrounded by SW magazines and recipe books feeling encouraged by all that I liked the look of but I just couldn't get started. It's like I have a mental block as I don't know what's stopping me.
I have done SW before by attending a group and lost half a stone but didn't enjoy the group experience and wasn't too impressed by the support of the group leader. It's so frustrating - does anyone else have this problem?
Aug 31st, 2019, 07:23 AM  
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I totally understand what you are going through, it's naturally because when we try something for the 1st time, our body takes time to adopt new habits. But you should be disciplined in terms of your weight loss target. You will always have to start somewhere at any time in other areas of life too. I think all you need right now to clear your mental blocks just by reminding yourself why you are doing this. You can definitely do this, never give up on your life goals. Just start it.
Jan 3rd, 2021, 09:19 AM  
faye cheshire
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I think it is so hard. You think you ve got it then read something that shows you ve not.
I am just using my hex s for bread and soy milk and a bit of parmeasan.
I eat 95% vegan. I make soup or salad for lunch.
Then say a vegan curry in the slow cooker with rice for dinner as no oil required. Then a plain pancake for dessert with fruit as not many syns used.
As time goes on it gets easier.
I write out my days food tot it up and if it s too many syns or not nutritionally balanced i just tweak it.
Look at other ppls diaries for inspiratin
Good luck
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