Struggling :(

Oct 13th '18 14:28 PM
Joined in May 2016, by October 2017 I was 8stone 9lb lighter.
We got married and went on honeymoon, came back and I was asked to be a bridesmaid for one of my friends.
Over the last 12 months I have had so many plans, various hen parties, holidays, weekends away etc.
Iím now 1.5stone Heavier, in a year!
Iím really struggling to stay positive, constantly making myself feel bad and feel like itís impossible to be the perfect slimmer I once was.
Oct 22nd '18 09:40 AM
I can understand the struggle of being back on plan, Iíve struggled with that myself.
Sometimes it just needs little changes to help kick off your previous Slimming determination.

You can do it, youíve got this x

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Jan 24th '19 17:12 PM
Try detox. I went on a 9 days detox n I loss 2kg . My friend loss 3.8kg n 5kg respectively . Simple and healthy .

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