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Apr 5th '18, 19:55 PM  
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Hi. I do Slimming World, but I want to start doing exercise to help with my losses. I have a treadmill in my room, and have been using it, but I'm unsure at what speed I need to go, and how long for, how many days etc. I was wondering what those of you who use a treadmill (either at home or the gym) do. Do I need to use it every day? At the moment I go on it three times a week but not sure if that's enough! From what I've read, probably not! There are so many conflicting ideas on the internet though who claim to be experts, it just confuses me... I'd rather know what you guys think and how your experiences with the treadmill have helped you guys! As you can see, it's a pretty standard and old treadmill. Not much you can do apart from change the speed and time. Not possible to change incline or anything. Anyway, any help or advice would be appreciated.

Apr 6th '18, 12:08 PM  
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I think it would depend on what you are aiming for. If you're aiming to do more long distance running, then you would want to increase the duration but keep at a steady pace.
But maybe if it's just to get some exercise in, try to do intervals: fast walks, sprints, jogs, etc.

I'd love to give you better advice, but when I use one I just run until I want to stop. I don't specifically have any goals in mind, except for building stamina I guess.
Apr 15th '18, 19:06 PM  
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Just go with whatever your comfortable with and slowly increase the speed as you get better at it. A good speed I find is around 8mph.
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