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Dec 30th '17, 11:30 AM  
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Online or class?

Looking to start Slimming World next week and wondered whether there were any differences between online or class membership? My work is very varied shift patterns so online would be easier for me but would I be losing out on any literature etc?

Any feedback would be great, thanks 😊
Jan 6th '18, 00:57 AM  
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Hi Kinzi, welcome

I haven’t done the plan just online, I’ve always been at a group. However you get the same online access as everyone else, and all the information we get can also be found on the website. Although in group you would get them physically, it’s the same information on the website.
The only thing I would say you wouldn’t have access to would be the recipe books and the SW cereal (hifi) bars, but there are alternatives to the hifi bars (Allen light, also benefit, etc) and most of the recipes can be found online, but if you find certain groups on Facebook or blogs, you get great recipes there too (two chubby Cubs blog is a great read, and pinch of nom on Facebook)
There are also plenty of threads on here that can help, and people to advise if you’ve got questions about anything too

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Feb 12th '18, 17:03 PM  
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Some people like the groups for face to face support. I personally didn't enjoy the groups much and get a lot of my information online and more support through groups online but everyone is different x
Apr 5th '18, 20:52 PM  
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I’m online member and there is everything you need... syns calculator, recipes, menu planner, and you can order bars online but you pay extra for delivery. I ordered 10 boxes at once 😜😂 as it’s online maximum you can order at once 😁 but to be honest I would rather ho to groups and see real people. But it’s difficult with a toddler
Apr 9th '18, 16:34 PM  
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