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Jul 16th '17, 23:09 PM  
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Liquid lunches

Can anyone give me some suggestions for liquid lunches. I work 6 hours during the day so I only get 20 mins for lunch. I used to eat a variety of foods but then I fell off the SW wagon and since then they have instigated a no food policy in my office. The only work round is I can have soup in a cup as long as it's not a thick soup that I need a spoon for. Cup soup, yes, coffee, yes, tea yes, milk, yes but no mug shots or anything like that. Recently I've just been skipping lunch because I feel like I'm cramming food down my throat with no time for it to settle. Soup is ok but not good when the weather is hot. Any suggestions???
Jul 16th '17, 23:22 PM  
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I don't have smoothies or shakes or anything, but I've had soup cold quite often... my office is seriously warm, so when it's winter and I make soup for lunch, I'm often too warm to heat it up and I've just had it cold.
It sounds awful, but a plain veg soup is actually quite nice cold! And there are specific soups that are meant to be cold as alternatives.
Jul 26th '17, 11:35 AM  
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I'm loving my juicer - like REALLY loving it.

I'm having juices in the day and some form of protein ... I pressure cook some spiced chicken so I will have 2 glasses of juice and 1-2 fillets of chicken cold. Boring and basic but it works for me. I have friends who buy tins of Tuna including the infused ones if you like tuna ... I don't. Generally any meat you like meat not fatty and cooked right.

Grapefruit is a great boost to your day BTW if you juice.

I pref juice to smoothies but I have a Breville Active Blend too an the kids love making smoothies (if you have kids).

You could make over night oats if you want carbs and fruit. I love it.

You can buy pots/cups now for soup that have a spoon attached - Just to add variety it could be an option?

I'm starting to add some pics to this thread:

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