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I've lost my way

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May 22nd '17, 09:32 AM  
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I've lost my way

Hi all i have been off and on slimming world for quite a while now more off really and I've lost my way. I preferred green plan as I'm vegetarian and now I'm just lost and overwhelmed by the weight i have too lose.
I had a baby in December i lost the pregnancy weight i gained within a week but since that point I've gained 16 pounds. My bmi is super high at 39.1 according too my weight this morning.
I get super obsessed by the plan and can't stop thinking about what I'm eating next i go hard at it for a moment then i fluff it off binge and go again so i lose a stone here then gain it again so I'm forever in this circle of losing gaining etc.
How do i make this work i prefer sw too other plans and calorie counting just gets plain hard quickly.
Advice please
May 22nd '17, 11:50 AM  
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Have you tried planning the entire week? Or do you work better by planning one day at a time?
What about making new recipes rather than sticking to what you know? I sometimes find that by sticking to what I like, I get bored and that's when I go off track.
And make sure you've got some treats in there too

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May 22nd '17, 13:32 PM  
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Thanks Sarah i do better day wise for brekkie and lunch but i do forward plan dinners snacks are a problem as I'm dairy free and i love chocolate
May 25th '17, 02:05 AM  
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I'm like you with obsessing over my weight loss plan. I think about it 24/7. It's very unhealthy. I haven't had a problem with binge eating (yet!), but I'm still very early on in my journey.

I've limited my food intake to 2-3 meals a day, making sure the calories total to under 2,000. I'm thinking of limiting it to 1,500. But I don't want to adopt a weight loss plan that I won't be able to sustain for the rest of my​ life.

I yearn for the day where it's 'normal' for me to just eat 2-3 meals a day, that it becomes a habit for me. I also need to put the scales away. I've been weighing myself about 10 times a day (and I'm not even exaggerating), I see my weight flactuate between meals, and for some irrational reason it makes me feel like crap. I need to limit it to maybe twice a week. Ugh.

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