I'm anti social!

Aug 29th '13 21:48 PM
Quote by PrincessPikachu:
I did it at home, I got a copy of the books and info second hand and worked through it at my own pace! There's quite a few people on here doing slimming world that can answer any questions! If you buy the magazine, it gives you a sample week's diet plan and shopping list so you have a guide to follow whilst you get your head around it all xx
I like this idea the best and thanks for the suggestion. I do know someone who did it a few years ago so I'll pick their brains and I'll use the lovely peeps on this forum if I have any questions.
Aug 30th '13 08:44 AM
You can usually get the books with all the food values on eBay quite cheap! It definitely worked well for me doing it that way! When I did it first time I was a single parent so there was no way I could go to meetings! I just planned all my meals every week so I knew exactly what I was having and wasn't too tempted to stray! Good luck!
Sep 2nd '13 00:29 AM
I agree with the others here, try and find a friend to go with you. I don't usually like meeting new people either so I completely understand where you are coming from though.
Sep 6th '13 01:30 AM
I am not a meeting person, either. I suffer from social anxiety, and walking into a meeting of people I don't know is very difficult for me. I would rather team up with a few friends and do a program with them in my own home.
Oct 3rd '13 20:23 PM
My work schedule makes it hard to attend any types of meetings. I am interested in the Slimming World program. Perhaps I will try getting the magazine and see what I can learn from there.
Oct 9th '13 19:52 PM
Did you ever manage to try going to a group butters? X