Cholesterol control

Jan 20th '17 20:25 PM
Hello I'm Lynn, just joined site for some info. Tried SW a while ago but didn't get very far due to things going on . Been told I have very high cholesterol now and was wondering if this is the right diet to be on .feedback from anyone who's had any success lowering cholesterol with this diet would be welcome. Thanks xx
Jan 20th '17 23:44 PM
Hi Lynn, welcome to social slimmers

Personally no, I haven't had experience with lowering cholesterol, but then again I've never had it tested!

Did your doctor not recommend anything to you?
SW is good because it promotes the eating of fresh fruit & veg, along with meat etc with visible fats trimmed. It's designed to help you eat a healthy amount of fat, which we do need technically.
Hopefully these pictures help?

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Jan 21st '17 00:45 AM
I was up in the high 6's. Tablets got it down to low 5's.

I started SW in mid October and I'm now 3.5

Aileen tells a similar tale. The diabetic nurse at our surgery can't believe it.

Paul & Aileen
Jan 21st '17 10:41 AM
That's great news Paul! I had a feeling SW helped with cholesterol, but it's great to hear it really does

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Jan 21st '17 10:59 AM
It's all those loverly home made vegetable soups that do it.

Now if only we could counteract the wind.
Jan 21st '17 11:47 AM
Thanks sarahc4536 that was really helpful, the doc gave me 3 months to sort my diet out before she would have to do something which means stations and I don't want them so back to S W it. Is on Monday . Thanks again xx