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Jan 27th '17, 08:39 AM  
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Quote by chubi View Post
Unfortunately I have had an off week. Never been so destructive on the plan before. So annoyed at myself

Drew a line and start again. Don't dwell on the past, there's no point because you can't change what you've already eaten.

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Jan 27th '17, 09:14 AM  
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Quote by sarahc4536 View Post
Quote by Leeadam View Post
Joined SW online 2 weeks ago. Lost total of 4 1/2 lbs so far but thought I would loose more as not having any where near my syns. Please advise

Use your syns. You need to use them to help lose weight. It sounds ridiculous, but trust me. I've been with SW for 6+ years and the number of people who I see come through those doors disappointed with a small loss or even a maintain when they've been on plan, but when we get into it, they've just not used enough syns.
There's a reason SW recommended a minimum of 5 a day. Your body needs things that aren't speed, protein or free foods.
Start by using 5 each day, and build from that. Don't force them but make sure you use them some way.

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Thank you for advice. Other people have said then same, to use syns. Will try thus week and see what happens. Thanks again
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