Soup as speed food

Jan 9th '17 18:38 PM
If I have a bowl of pasta with home made vegetable soup poured over it, does the soup count as speed food. The soup was made from broccoli,cauliflower, onion and veg stock cube and spices. This was a lazy tea but filled me up rather nicely.
Jan 9th '17 19:43 PM
It absolutely does! Similarly, I make a "hide the vegetables" sauce which is basically passata with LOADS of frozen veg chucked in, simmered for a bit, and then blended up. I even use this sauce as a base for chili con carne now and it adds a lot.
Jan 10th '17 10:11 AM
As long as you make the soup by using speed food, then it's a speed food.
The dish that you make isn't what is speed, it's the things that you use to make that dish that can be classed as either Speed or Protein or Free food

Soup is a great meal though, especially when using plenty of speed foods!
Jan 10th '17 21:34 PM
Thanks for your replies, I'll prob make and eat more soup then it can be a bit monotonous chomping through loads of veg or salad with every meal this is why I tend to snack on fruit, mugshots and cloud bread if I'm hungry during the day
Jan 10th '17 21:39 PM
Just a note, and not everyone takes note of them, but for me I avoid them.
Cloud bread can be classed as a tweak when it's not eaten as part of a meal.
Because it isn't made from and doesn't contain speed food, it can be easy to overeat.

Like I said, not many people take note of tweaks, but I do try to avoid them.

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